Young’s Theory of General Stupidity

Emboldened by the unparalleled disinterest in my Incredulity Principle, I feel compelled to share more of my discoveries.

This one is certainly closely related to Sturgeon’s Law but contains the fruits of further research which I think pushes the subject in fascinating new directions.

For any grouping of humans, 90% of the people within that group will be stupid. This includes the group of non-stupid people.

 There are some aspects of the theory that still need work. One problem is that it would appear that a group of entirely stupid people can’t exist. There are two possible solutions to this that I hope to incorporate in to my Theory of Special Stupidity. Either: 1) 90% may be a minimum rather than a constant or 2) a simple exception clause is needed:

…Except for the group of stupid people. They’re just a bunch of jerks. 

There is some exciting, new research into this second possibility. Please refer to the exceptional work of Palin, et al for further details.

November 9th, 2008 | AllReallyBad

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